Our Team

Meet the founder of Homespirational - Shafi.

After years of working in the construction industry as an estimator, AutoCAD expert and production manager, Shafi decided to finish his gas technician license from Niagara Skilled Trades Academy and dived right into the industry as a gas fitter and then eventually being self-employed as an independent contractor. Very soon he made connections not only within the HVAC trade but also various trades from plumbing to electrical. He learnt the trick of the trades working alongside many different experts. One gap that was noticed was between the handymen of Kijiji all the way to costly general contractors for residential home renovations. A pattern of over promising and under delivering was noted and contractors leaving behind unfinished reno jobs to completely ghosting on customers, hence making the home improvement dream into a nightmare. Here at Homespirational we have handpicked the most honest and transparent professionals who will deal with your family project like one of their own and leave an inspirational impact on your project. We will ensure the customer is well educated before starting the project and ask all the right questions to translate the customers dream into reality. We will only promise what we can do for you and say no to things that are outside our scope. We look forward to working with you and turning your dreams, no matter how minuscule or specialized, into reality!

Meet the Project Manager of Homespirational - Ebrahim

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